Thursday, March 27, 2014

Maybe Next Year

So if you've been following me for the past few days then you know that I didn't get through the lottery of the NY Marathon. I didn't think I'd get though on the first shot but I'm still pretty bummed. I was really upset that I waited a day until 7pm when I pretty much knew at 12pm. Oh well, I'll put my application in again next year.  
Now my focus is on the Pgh Marathon and my triathlon coming up in August.  I was planning on just riding my mountain bike but I'm thinking about looking for a road bike. Maybe I'll do a Half Ironman one day. ;) So that's where I'm going to put my focus and training. Maybe I'll do another marathon towards the end of the summer, I haven't decided yet. 
I went to CrossFit today because that always helps with stress,frustration and disappointment. Our warm up started like this: 
3 rounds
10 burpees
10 supermans 
1 minute handstand 
10 pull ups 
3 rounds of 5 rope climb downs
Then the work out 
I got 9 rounds out with 5 lunge steps. Not too shabby I would say..

So I went to Panera the other night. I've had to stay at work late the past few nights so I went to Panera to fuel up before CrossFit the next day. 
I think I've found one if my favorite combinations! I got the classic salad with Greek dressing and the Chicken Sorrentina Pasta.  Panera's You Pick Two is always my favorite. It goes great for the  indecisive mind. 

Did you play the "lottery" for the NY Marathon? Did you get in? 

What summer races do you have planned for this year? 


  1. There is a race out at north park I always run at the end of June. It's the Peace Love Run. I usually do the half marathon but there is a 5K too. It's my birthday weekend so I love to treat myself =)

    You'll get in one day, and it will be awesome!

    1. That sounds awesome! I really want to do another half this summer. When is it?

  2. I feel bad for you since you didn't get into NYC. I didn't do the lottery because I ran it last year. Just keep trying, it's worth the wait! I always do the run around the square in august and i try to do at least 10 other random races of all distances

    1. Thanks! I think I really want to go to Boston one year. Maybe 2015 I'll get to do New York and Boston :) Good luck this summer! I know you'll do great!

  3. Bummer you didn't get in. I know of about 15 people that applied, and not one got in.
    I did the NYC lottery twice, before I stopped applying after I ran Chicago, and hating how many people there were. (And now, you can potentially apply every year, and never get in, and still have to pay $11 just to try). I like the smaller marathons so much better! Less money, less people, better swag, nicer folks, I'll take small any day!

    1. Yes! I do like the smalker ones but I like Pittsburgh because if I slow down I still won't be last (hopefully) haha I would love to go to Chicago! They have a hot chocolate race that sounds fun.

  4. Triathlons aren't for me, but I find the Ironman absolutely fascinating. I'll be curious to hear whether you decided to do a half! Not sure if you read Runner's World, but there was a good article on a woman training for an Ironman:

    1. I really want to try one! I'm going to train for this tri and see how I feel after about a half Ironman. I'll have to check out that runner's world!