Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekly Workout

So this week my husband promised to take me on a run while he rode his bike beside.  We planned on going on Tuesday because that was supposed to be the nicest day. Well, we didn't know that his bike had two flat tiers and a bad intertube.  After serching the garage  for the pump we decided just to walk his bike up the street to the gas station.  That's where he found out that his intertube was messed up since it wouldn't take air. After the 30-40 minutes it took to play around with his bike, it was too late for my 15 miler. Annoyed, I went to the gym to run. I was really looking forward to my 15 miler! So I get to the gym and EVERY SINGLE treadmill was taken!! How is that even possible? ! It wasn't full like one treadmill left, it was full like 3 person line forming to get on. By this time I was livid.  So I give up on my pouting party and get on a bike. Fortunately,  I could watch my Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men reruns. Once I got on the bike I pushed out 10 miles. That's how my week started. Not to mention I had to work in Morgantown all week. 

3/16 Rest day
3/17 Rest day
3/18 10 Bike Miles
3/19 EMOM 100 Thrusters 5 Burpees
3/20 Rest Day
3/21 14.4
3/22 15 running miles!!

I got 3 rest days in this week. It was tough to get my workouts in since I was in Morgantown all week, but I got more in than I thought I would. Saturday's run was the furthest I got. I didnt need my inhaler at all which is a huge deal for me! I did a breathing treatment before I left and that was it.  I ran slower than usual, but it got done. Afterwards I went and bought ice packs, a knee brace, and shoe insoles.

During my rest day today I went to buy a new phone and to get some refuel from yesterday's run. My favorite part of being a training blogger is that it's forcing me to try new food. I was solid on my Greek Salad, Fugi Apple Salad,  and French Onion Soup.  Today though, I tried  the half Vegetarian Bean Soup and Asian Seaseme Chicken Salad. Once again, I forgot to ask for the apple.  This was a nice change to my usual and it kept me full for a long time!

How was your week?


  1. What an awesome accomplishment! Remember that feeling and keep pushing forward! We are six weeks away!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to get faster so hopefully the insoles will help.

  2. Congrats on your long run. Way to get things in despite traveling!

  3. I hate when the equipment you want on at the gym is taken!!

    Congrats on getting in 15 miles though!

  4. The Pgh Marathon will be my second full - yikes, it's getting closer! I hear you on the gym issues, we seem to get that every week lately. Not impressive at all. Such an awful winter, and it's still hanging on.

    Good luck in the marathon, maybe I'll see you out there somewhere!

    1. Thank you! Good luck training! I hope it gets warmer