Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Week in Workouts

Okay, so last post I talked about planning your workouts before the week starts. Heres a look at last week when I didn't get my long run in.
Here is my week of workouts:

Monday: 3.1 run
Tuesday: 15 minute AMRAP (partners) 10 cleans(75#) 20 push ups 15 tuck jumps ... planks in between
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 14.3(not competing) 10 deadlifts(95#) 15 Box Jumps(20") 15DL (105#) 15BJ 20DL (110#) 15 BJ
Saturday: 4 Rounds of Blake 30m overhead walkjng lunges (25#) 30 box jumps(20") 20wall balls(14#) 10 Handstand Push ups
Sunday: Rest

This is an idea of my little rest week. Next week will be tough to get my workout and run in because I have to be in Morgantown,  but I'll try.

Yesterday after crossfit,  I went to eat with my sister and do some shopping. After I was done, I came home to take a little nap before driving my friends for St . Patrick's day celebrating.  None of us have ever gone out for St. Patty's day, and apparently it gets good.  Anyways, when my husband came home,  he surprised me with a new tablet!   He even added all of my blogging and social med aps for me. I love it but I have to share.

Do you have any rest weeks coming up?


  1. That's an awesome gift! Yay hubby!

    1. Thanks! I'm still trying to figure it out lol I'm an Apple fan